1D3D: This Is Us

As most of you know, I like One Direction. If you’ve been a follower of mine since the start, then you’ve obviously seen my tweets about them non-stop. But I’ve grown up a bit and I’ve learned not to be so clingy and to actually have a social life. But I do still talk about them once in a while… Well, maybe more than that.

But One Direction have recently made a documentary while they were on tour and it’s called This Is Us. This probably isn’t much news to some of you fangirls, but I just wanted to educate the others about the boyband that ruined our lives.

Below is the official movie poster for This Is Us.


Okay, that’s much better. Excuse my explicit behavior.

So the exclusive block screenings for This Is Us are on August 30, Friday, 2013 at Megamall. There are two screenings, Batch 1 is in Cinema 3 at 7PM and Batch 2 in Cinema 2 at 7PM also.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch any of the screenings for various reasons, which is sad and means that I can’t meet most of the people that I have been dying to meet. Yes, I am very sad. You don’t know how jealous I am of all the people who get to go and meet tons of other fans.

But I will be able to watch the film when it’ll be officially showing in all cinemas. Yay!!!

For more details, visit One Direction Philippines on Facebook for more!

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