25 Random Facts About Me

This blog was freshly made just a few weeks ago, so I wanted to do this little tag which I saw on Julia’s blog.

1. I hate pickles- and mushrooms. I guess I hate the textures.

2. I have a hidden talent where I can clap with only one hand.

3. I used to own a pet hamster named Minnie but she ran away, and I cried.

4. I also once owned a pet baby owl named Headwig, but she died several days after due to not being in the wilderness, which is where owls are probably supposed to be.

5. I am in love with the rain.


6. I like multiple types of music like rock, indie, pop, rnb, and sometimes even dubstep.

7. I’m passionate about music.
8. If you talk to me a lot, then I’ll start clinging on to you. It’s just how I work.

9. I like the beach and salty air.

10. I absolutely despise swimming. It’s probably because of my weight issues though.

11. I am incredibly self conscious and shy to new people, but if I get to know you I’ll break out of my shell in no time.

12. If you break my heart, I’ll break your face.

13. I have no problems whatsoever with making friends. I am quite the friendly type, if I do say so myself.

14. I really really like sports, mostly basketball and futsal.

15. I was never good at Social Studies or History. Nuh-uh. Not working for me.

ok then

16. I like cuddling.

17. I play the guitar, ukulele, and a bit of piano.

18. I like giving people advice.

19. I love it when people come to me when they’re sad, it lets me know that they know that I care and that’s all that matters.

20. I really like photography and taking pictures, but I’m not good at it at all, to be quite honest.

21. Music is my paradise. I listen to it when I’m sad and it makes me tune the world out. It lets me escape from reality. (So cheesy)

22. (Twenty-twooooooo) I would love to live in Australia, New Zealand or Sweden one day.

23. I used to dance ballet when I was around 5 or 6 and I stopped around 10.

24. Sometimes I have anxiety attacks where I get really nervous and my heart starts beating really fast to the point that I kind of stop breathing but that rarely happens so that’s good.

25. And lastly, I love you allllll. 

That’s it, yeah.

Stay fab peeps I love you all x


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