7 Things To Do During a Power Shortage

The electricity has gone back just a few minutes ago, and I’m thankful for that. Power shortages suck—especially when it’s hot. It’s dull, boring, and extremely annoying. Like earlier today I was just about to watch a video on YouTube, but then my electric fan suddenly stopped. When you’re fan stops turning, you know the deal.


Luckily, I’ve come here prepared with a list of seven (not ten, not five, but SEVEN) things to do during a power shortage so that you, too, are prepared. You’re welcome.


  1. Take a shower. Right when I noticed there was a brownout, I stepped outside my room, grabbed my towel, and headed on over to the bathroom. Today is a pretty warm day, and it’s wet season. Where is the rain when I need it?!
  2. Read. Comic books, newspaper articles, magazines, fanfiction, novels, science fiction; it doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you gain knowledge and information about something and/or someone.
  3. Write. There’s something about writing that always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. You can write about anything, from what you’re doing, to what you’re eating, to what you’re wearing. Anything. Just be creative and original.
  4. Play an instrument. Flute, recorder, violin, acoustic/electric guitar, drums, bass, piano, keyboard, harp, whatever. Playing an instrument is another way to keep your mind off things.
  5. Play games. Not just the ones on your phone like Flappy Bird or Piano Tiles, but like Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles. Those games are fun too, don’t you think?
  6. Play sports. Sports are fun—and healthy. Fitness is important in your health, so don’t always neglect it.
  7. Go outside. Unless it’s raining.. But if it isn’t, then you can take a walk, hang out with your friends, meet new people; the possibilities are endless. You can do so much just by going outside!


I hope I helped you get over how much it sucks to be going through a black/brownout. Have fun!


-C .x


  1. Hi Clara I really like reading your blogs 🙂 madami talaga akong natutunan like now about what can I do during brownout thanks to that 🙂

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