Bem-Vindo ao Brasil! (Welcome to Brazil!)

It’s been ridiculously hot this summer-like most-but it almost seems like we’re just a few meters away from the scorching hot sun. And what’s a better ensemble for this incredibly humid weather than a tank top, a pair of shorts, and some comfy flip-flops?

Havaianas invited us to their annual Make Your Own Havaianas launch that was being held at the Glorietta Activity Center last May 6th, and this year’s theme was Brazilian Carnival, which sounded amazing! It was loads of fun, because it felt like we were really in Brazil experiencing the traditional parade. It was just amazing.

There was a (kind of, but not really) marching band that kept playing throughout the entire event, and also Brazilian-like dancers performing, and some of the Filipino Futkaleros entertained everyone with their awesome football skills.

The forever beautiful ate Maxx!
Here’s us so ready to make our own Havaianas hahaha

20140506-222212.jpg 20140506-222200.jpg 20140506-222257.jpg 20140506-222315.jpg 20140506-222330.jpg 20140506-222356.jpg 20140506-222413.jpg 20140506-222441.jpg 20140506-222544.jpg


Thank you so much to Havaianas for always inviting our Havaianatico family to every year’s MYOH, it’s always been and it always will be a blast! See you next year!


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