Bonifacio High Street Cinemas

A few weeks ago, Bonifacio High Street Cinemas invited our family to attend the block screening of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in the first-ever 4DX cinema in the country! Mom, kuya Arkin, and I were the only ones who could make it because the others were busy and had plans. Boo.
Mom and kuya Arkin with a kid hahahahaha
Cool art
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Since the cinemas were located in the mall, we kind of got to look around and see what was opening soon.
Sooo niiice

My new favorite hero <3
Of course, we ought to go to Family Mart!

There weren’t really any shops open yet, just a few food stands. But a lot will be opening soon!

As for the 4DX experience, I was really impressed by how amazing the technology was and everything! It was almost like a roller coaster, really. You’d sometimes feel wind blowing in your face, and the chairs kept moving throughout the entire thing because, well, it is an action movie after all. It was just straight-up epic!

As for the movie itself, it was beyond epic. Better than words, actually- everything was so unpredictable and (spoiler alert) it’s a real tear-jerker, so don’t forget to bring your tissues with you when you watch!

camera used: iPhone 5
editing application: VSCOCam
filter/effect: A4 + brightened + shadows save + sharpen

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