Campus Belle De Jour Planner Giveaway! (closed)

The school year has just started, and it’s already getting pretty hectic. The first day, we were given homework for either 5 or 6 subjects. You could say it’s getting difficult, but that’s okay! I’ve been more focused on school now that I’ve been planning my study schedule, and when I have to do my homework, and when a project is due… That kind of stuff.

And I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be great if you guys did the same thing?


Campus BDJ helps you with weekly school planning, study schedules, after-school scheduling, and many more!20140612-130544-47144815.jpg20140612-130545-47145689.jpg


It even contains P12,000 worth of coupons for freebies and discounts!



It also has two pages for your school schedules; First and second semesters (which I’ve obviously already used)!


One of my favorite pages of this planner is the “Letter To Yourself” page, wherein you can write to your future self.


It also has a menstrual tracker page, so that’s convenient!


I’m going to be giving away 5 Campus BDJ planners to my readers! To join, answer the following questions in the comments below;

-What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?

-Do you think you can be a better student this year?

-What is your favorite subject and why?

You are only allowed to comment once! This contest is open for Philippine residents ONLY! Comments will be under moderation, so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away. I will be picking 5 winners by next week on June 25!

Good luck! 🙂


The winners are:

-Rencel Dela Cruz

-Beverly Parian

-Carmela Ozoa

-Brianna Cayetano


-Micah Villajin

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the winners! Please check your e-mails! Have a great school year! 🙂 x

Campus BDJ 2014-2015 is available for online order at and also through major bookstores (Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Powerbooks) at Php368.

-C .x


  1. I’m looking further to harder studies on my highschool life. Like they say, act like and educated student.
    I can be a better student becase im looking forward to being more mature and not like grade school pupils. And im looking forward being one of the top 10 students in class so i can prove my mom that i can do it by my self.
    My favorite subject is English. Because that is the most easy subject (for me) and english is the one that is the highest percentage on my report card. I got 98!! 🙂 (just sayin) i want to learn more in english because when we’ve finish our collage life, obviously we need to find a job. so, i want to be like my mom. A flight stewardess. And a flight stewardess, needs to speek in english in a right grammar. So wheni grow up, english can help me. A LOT. 🙂

  2. Hi Clara!

    I am a Student Council (SC) Officer and this year, I am looking forward to planning, organizing and of course enjoying the SC activities. 🙂

    Yes, I do think I can be a better student this year. I have a habit of cramming. So this year, to be a better student, I will try not to cram anymore. I’ll focus on school and study harder. 🙂

    My favorite subject is English because I love reading and writing. In English class, we get to learn a lot of new stories and new techniques in writing. 🙂

  3. 1.
    > I transferred to a new school, im hoping that I could get more friends, get good grades and be at the top 10, if I Had a belle de jour planner, i think I would not miss any event at our school ❤️

    > Yes, because anything is possible 🙂 Im pushing myself to study harder so that I could be a part of the top 10 🙂

    > Science and English
    science because it teaches more about life, like, how things work.
    English because it helps you to have a good grammar, english helps me to communicate well with other people 🙂

  4. 1. I’m actually looking forward on being a regular student until 2nd sem para mas madali akong matanggap sa imamajor ko 🙂

    2. I think so. It’s for the future tlg. Different level na. Parang there is no room for mistakes. Kelangan talagang mag-aral mabuti 🙂

    3. Favorite subject? Chemistry. Mas feel ko sya kesa sa Physics. Haha. At tska mas natutuwa akong magsolve ng problems sa Chem ❤️

  5. -I’m always looking forward to meet new friends and most especially to passed all my subjects this sem.
    -Yes! I can be better student this year because all of my schedule the whole year will be organized, ofcourse with the help of BDJ Planner.
    -All about psychology subjects, because I’m taking up Bs psychology and I’m happy everytime I learned something new.

  6. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    Im looking forward to graduating this school year. Its been 4 years of hardships and happiness in college and finally its my last year!

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    Yes i do. I would like to finish my course with flying colors so that my parents would be proud of me.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    Bacteriology (im a medtech student). Studying different bacterias and such stuff is very interesting for me. They open up my mind to things that are uncommon yet very important in our daily lives

  7. I’m looking forward to learn new things this junior year. Many said that the hardest part in highschool years if it comes to the lessons is the grade 9th year. So I am challenging myself through joining clubs and being one of the class officers in the class. I am currently elected as the president of my section and I am not afraid to commit mistakes and learn from it. Being a class president is a big responsibility because the teachers and the grade moderators looks forward to you in handling your class but it gives me the advantage to mingle and receive advices from my classmates and other faculties in school.

    I think I’ll be a good student this year because before school comes I really prepared for it and get my things organized. I also fixed my schedule since my class is up to 4 in the afternoon and still have to teach my little sister that is currently in grade 1.

    My all time favorite subject is social studies because I am really interested about the history of our world and how people live etc. Plus the subject teacher is really energetic that’s why she always get the attention of the class and she’s really good in teaching it. she gives situation that is related from the subject that we always can relate to.

  8. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    * I’m looking forward to the most in this school year is to have good grades and more friends since I am a freshmen! 🙂

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    * With my determination and guidance with the Man above, I can say “YES!” I can be a better student this year! *fighting! 🙂

    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    * My favorite subject is PE. Haha. Yes, PE. Its taekwondo. Fyi I am a Criminology student. With this subject, I will know how to protect myself from any harm. 🙂

  9. As a sophomore Legal Management student in Letran, I’m looking forward to new knowledge. Not only academically but also, I’m looking forward to words of wisdom in which I could apply in the future. Well, it is given that I would have harder lessons. So what I am looking forward to is the strategies I’ll make in order to cope up. Another, I’m looking forward to meeting new people. As an irregular student, it is hard to cope up with an environment surrounded people having different attitudes and outlook in life. So I’m also looking forward to having new friends.

    This year, I know that I would be a better student. Why? Because I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts in my freshman year. I’ve learned about time management and good study habbits. Also, I’ve learned how to balance the life of being a student and a teenager.

    My favorite subject is Logic. I love Logic though it is a difficult subject because it keeps my mind pre-occupied. It also helps in improving the way of thinking of a person. Also, Logic challenges me. It makes me happy whenever I got the right answer to a certain question.

  10. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?

    I am looking forward most on how to improve myself especially with my time management problems. I always forget assignments and other errands because I don’t have anything to remind me of it. That it why this planner is so perfect for me. 🙂

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?

    Of course I do. Every year is a year of improvement. I believe that we all are a work in progress and that there’s nothing wrong in having weaknesses.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?

    My favorite subject is Scriptwriting. I’m a CommArts student and it is impossible not to love Scriptwriting! I love it because it lets me be who I am.. I let some characters portray the other side of me, my present me and even the future me that I want for myself. 🙂

  11. So this school year, I am looking forward to new experiences and worth remembering memories. Since I will be on my junior year, a year more before I graduate, I want this to be exciting and fun and not a stressful school year. I am looking forward having more friends and expanding my writing ability and joining the school publication team.

    I wasn’t focused on my studies last school year because of being unorganized and lack of time discipline that I almost failed most of my classes and so I promised this time that I am going to manage my time correctly and be more active in school. English will always be my favorite subject. I love writing poetry and reading.

  12. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    I’m really looking forward to my graduation and whatever is coming for me this senior year! I hope I can make up for all the wasted opportunities in my past high school years by enjoying what I have left in my last high school year.

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    Yes I really think I can be a better student this year! To support this, I will lessen my usage of social media websites. Also, I will also motivate myself more to do my best this school year!

    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    Math is my favorite subject because I enjoy working with problems that make my mind relaxed. It has a different way of allowing me to do what I like (which is thinking and being productive).

  13. 1. I’m looking forward in this school year that I can pass with all my major subjects and able to join the ojt in one of the “kilalang” drug store here in our place. And still be on the regular classes next semester. 🙂

    2. I guess and I hope so.. but I am doing my best in all of my subjects right now because I have tons of major subjects.

    3. Fave subject hmmm right now is Human Anatomy because I like studying the function of our body,how it works and I’m kinda gross cause we have to touch you know dead bodies.

  14. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year? Looking forward to achieve good grades this school year and to be on the Dean’s List. 🙂

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    Yes. Been studying hard lately. I don’t want to fail in my current course.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    I’ve been enjoying Comparative Politics (Im a PolSci Major). I really like it because it tackles or discuss not only the detail of politics and government of the Philippines but the other countries as well. And it’s very enjoyable since it’s very challenging and you get to compare countries on how they would address different problems confronting their governments. 🙂

  15. I am so looking forward to joining lots of extra curricular activities. It is both a want and a need, since I am graduating. I’m probably going to try out for badminton varsity and maybe even our school newspaper. I can and will be a better student, not only for myself but also for my parents who give me everything I have ever wanted and more, like the One Direction concert tickets that are oh so expensive (btw, are you going to watch, Clara?). It is only right that I repay them with high grades and awards. My favorite subject would have to be English because of all the literary works. I love reading and writing and the subject seems so much interesting than the rest.

  16. I’m looking forward to getting the scholarship this sem. Ive been so stressed thinking of how to help my dad in paying the increased tuition fee. The most i can do is to apply for scholarahip.

    Yes. Yes. I just deleted mediocrity on the dictionary. 😀

    Okay, the 3rd question is the hardest. I wish lunch breaks are acceptable. Haha! I’m a 4th yr accountancy student.. Of all the tough subjects i had taken, i’d consider Managerial Acctg as my favorite. I got to learn how accounting works within the business, internally. The subject has taught me how to think and make the right decisions for the betterment of the business. Same goes for me, I have to decide what’s best so that I can have a better future!

  17. Every school year is always a lot of fun when you try the things you think you can’t do. And for this school year, I am really looking forward to many things 1.) On how can I manage my time over my academics and co-curricular activities because as an honor student, you need not only to focus on your academics but also with the activities in and outside of the campus because it will really test you capabilities 2.) The Leadership Trainings in and outside of the school because I always have that leader side of mine and I love interacting with new people especially if we have same interests 3.) And lastly, I AM REALLY HOPING FOR A PROM!! Because it is still not cleared if we have a prom or not because of k12 and we all know we are no longer called juniors but Grade 9 instead.

    As a student of K-12 we are really the ones who are expected to improve and excel a lot more. And yes I think I can be a better student because I am competitive. I am that kind of person who challenges herself more. And I don’t want to let my parents down. I love them.

    Science has been my favorite subject since I was in elementary because science answers my curiosity and fuels my mind. Though sometimes I am having a hard time in physics bc of the formulas and the solving (I’m not good in numbers) I am really into biology and earth science. And I believe that it feels so good when you live in a world you have knowledge about.

  18. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?

    As a HRM student, i’m looking forward to learn new dishes so that I can also cook it or share it with my family. Hehe. I’m also looking forward for a new experiences related to my course. And also i’m looking forward for higher grades this year so that my mother will be proud of me and so that I can pay her hardworks at abroad by my high/good grades at school. 🙂

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?

    Yes. Every school year, I always motivate myself to do good in school. I know its not impossible to be a better student this year because I know God will help me in everything that I will be doing.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?

    My favorite subject is English (although i’m not that fluent in english.) i don’t know why but i’m really really really enjoying English since elementary. I always got the highest score/grade in our English class <3

  19. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    // I’m most likely to look forward to meeting new friends/people because I’m an incoming freshman in college so there’s a little pressure happening to me and I’m not really into socializing so I’m actually practicing my to do’s infront of a new surrounding (how pathetic). Also to have good grades because who wouldn’t?

  20. 1. I’m looking forward to the events and activities of our program. The professors lay it out to us, and it is so exciting. I’m excited to go to our international trip.

    2. Yes, I can be a better student this year. I’m motivated to be a dean’s lister and get that 1.75 GWA.

    2. My favorite subject is Math. It is hard at first but it challenges me to think and explore all possiblities to come up with an answer 🙂

  21. -What are you looking for most this school year?

    As a Grade 7 Student, I want to learn more about different things, I want to discover more and experience more. I want to make new friends and to meet new teachers. I want to be a better student than last year. I want to make everyone around me proud of me and know me better.

    Do you think you can be a better student this year?

    Yes, why not? This year I promised myself, to be a better student and a student who will strive harder. I want to be a consistent honor and make my mom and pop proud of me. Even if sometimes there are ups and downs at school, I will never let that affect me. I want to be a better student this year because Grade 7 is a new chapter of my school life and a being a better student is the best way to start the chapter.

    What is my favorite subject?

    My favorite subject is Filipino because filipino is who we are. Filipino can help us widen our vocabulary and as I can observe many children nowadays, are now speaking fluent english better than filipino, I don’t think that it is a good idea because children forgets their own self. They concentrate more on English than Filipino.

  22. Definitely looking forward to the new teachers and building. Woop!

    I’ve been feeling this “kasipagan” inside me since summer. Judging from the progress I have made (our school already started), yeah! I think I’ll be a better student.

    AP or Araling Panlipunan. Well mummies and old places sounds fascinating.

  23. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?

    This school year, I am really looking forward to meeting new people that will join and help me as I venture my life as a 2nd year college student… With that being said, I am so excited to join organizations! I became a part of the student council before when I was in high school and I must say that it brought me such a tremendously fulfilling experience! Sad to say, I haven’t been a part of an org when I first stepped on my university… I guess I was afraid it’s gonna be different from that of high school. But now, I’m really looking forward to join one, to meet new friends, and to gain more experience. 🙂

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?

    Absolutely! I’ve been through a lot of pressure during my frosh days and luckily, that gave me the motivation to do better this year.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?

    Oooooh this is a tough one! But I have to say my favorite as of now is CommArts. I am so into writing so I treasure this subject a LOT! Although this is not my major, I have to say writing helps my brain to relax once in a while. 🙂 It saves me from the dreading accounting, hahaha 😀

  24. 1.) What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?

    This school year I am looking forward to pass all my subjects to continue fulfilling my dreams and never give up on achieving it.

    2.) Do you think you can be a better student this year?

    I could say that yes I can be a better student this year and it will take much effort to be a better one. Time management is a must to be a better student this year and Campus BDJ will be a big help for me to manage my own time.

    3.) What is you favorite subject and why?

    My favorite subject is Hematology because this subject talks about blood and it will help you know normal and abnormalities of your blood which may correspond to some diseases and you can know it by testing a blood specimen which is a real work for Medical Technologist.

  25. 1. I am looking forward to my graduation. I am fourth year in college now taking up BS Accountancy. I am so excited at the same time pressured.

    2. I should be a better student. It’s a MUST. I must take this academic year seriously. I should know what to prioritize this time. Sacrifice good times for the mean time and study hard.

    3. My favorite subject is of course ACCOUNTING. My major subject. I wouldn’t be taking up BSA if this is not my interest. I love math and analyzing problems.

  26. Okay? Okay. Lemme see. I will try to answer the questions in the simplest way possible. (Like that would be possible).
    -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    I am certainly looking forward to the debate tournaments that I will be part of. They say to not be nervous but HOW CAN YOU NOT BE NERVOUS WHEN YOU SPEAK IN PUBLIC dude?? This may sound weird but I enjoy debating. When you express what you stand and saying it in the natural way possible is a great feeling.

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    As a human being, we make mistakes and in that time we oh-so-call LIFE , we learn from our mistakes. We suck out the negativity and be all positive. We apply the things we learned and somehow fix on the technical problems. With those reasons, I think and hope that I’m gonna be a better student this school year.
    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    I really don’t know if a favorite subject is the subject you really like or the subject in which you find so easy that it becomes your fave. I choose the latter. MATH. *coughs* is my “FAVORITE” subject. I just find it interesting. All the parabolas and functions and the letters of the alphabet and ya know, those stuff.

    Thank you for the questions Clara and God bless you.

    -Lyss xx

  27. -What are you looking forward to the most in this school year?
    Hmm, I’m looking forward to learning more new things about my course especially now that I`m in college. I`m looking forward too about joining new orgs and meeting new friends.

    -Do you think you can be a better student this year?
    I think I can be a better student this year compared last year. Because I learned how to be more efficient and effective at the same time.

    -What is your favorite subject and why?
    My favorite subject is Theology, because I find answers there whenever I have questions regarding my faith and religion.

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