Candy Mag Is Sweeter Than Ever

The sweet people over at Candy Magazine HQ were nice enough to send me a copy of their latest and first ever issue to show off the #AllNewCandy look!

Their brand new look features an all-matte finish and feels just like paper

This month’s cover is the lovely Sofia Andres!



In this month’s issue, you’ll find loads of travel tips, thought-provoking stories, and tons and tons of style and beauty inspiration. You should definitely grab a copy or two if you can!


I am so loving their brand-new look! I’ve been loving Candy Mag since I was a little kid, and I’m sure loads of girls my age have been too! 

You can find Candy Mag on Instagram and Twitter (both @candymagdotcom), and over on their website!

Thanks again to everyone from Candy– All the luck and love!

-C .x


  1. Hi Clara! Candy’s new look is very cute indeed! I can’t wait to buy the May copy! hope to read and hear more from you soon xx


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