I think that some of you might know my best friend Yanni, as we have posted pictures with each other on instagram and made videos together- even twitcams! But basically, Yanni has technically been my best friend since birth. She’s 2 years older than me but we act like we’re the same age!

We used to fight a lot when we were younger (because I used to be such a spoiled brat haha) but now that we’ve grown up a bit, we rarely fight anymore. But if you and your best friend fight, that’s alright because it’s normal.

3 years ago, we uploaded a video of us singing Adele’s Rolling in The Deep and it now has 21,000+ views hahaha! I remember when we used to get so hyped up when we got more views and told everyone about it and became so overconfident!

We even made a video of us dancing and lip-syncing to the Lazy Song with my brothers here, haha!
But we recently made a video of us answering a bunch of questions about ourselves, called the Best Friend Tag!
And we will be posting a cover on Yanni’s soundcloud soon, (I can’t get into my soundcloud huhu), so look forward to that!
-C .x

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