This post was long overdue, and I sincerely apologize for the delay. Two Sundays ago, July 20, was the #FinallyA5SOSAlbumLaunch hosted by the 5 Seconds of Summer Philippines Street Team at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center. It was definitely a lot of fun, and there were loads of cool people! I arrived at around 12:00 PM just because we didn’t want to go so early. I got there and met up with my friend Gionna who was actually waiting for another friend of ours, Alex. When we both went to eat first, Gionna told us about her 5SOS concert experience when she was in America (not sure what state, though), and she said that there was actually loads more people at this album launch then at the concert itself, which was so cool because it’s so nice knowing that a lot of people have really good music taste! (I’m so funny.)


My beautiful friend Ice (@ptvice)
Michael Pangilinan, along with Ken Chan and a few other people, performed and my friends Kerry and Ice got so excited and thought he was so cute that they had to take a picture with them haha!


Here’s me with Thereeese (@californiahemmo)
Sexy Angel (@AngelTraballo)
Kerry!!! (keepingupwithkerrylee.blogspot.com)
This was when Ice had to leave and I was pretty sad but I was also pretty good at masking my sadness so 4 for me


Marty aka the Camila to my Lauren aka bo$$ (@idksalmon)
This was the said surprise that 5SOS Philippines promised us. I was so disappointed when I found out it was a video and not a videochat…. I’m still really happy that they found the time to actually send us a video!!!
By the end of the event, they started giving out f5SOS cupcakes which looked darn good, but I didn’t get one simply because I don’t really like cupcakes.
Camila and Lauren *insert heart with arrow emoji*

I had sooo much fun meeting up with my friends. Congratulations to 5 Seconds of Summer Philippines for hosting a wonderful event and also for more events to come! 🙂

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