I’m Embarrassing

I thought I’d make up my own tag (though if anyone has made this, then I’m sorry), so here it is. I’ve had a couple of embarrassing moments in my life, and I thought I’d share them with you, just because I feel like it.

If you do get embarrassed at times, don’t worry. It’s a part of life that you just have to get through, and it happens to everybody. Just remember to laugh it off and keep a smile on your face.

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1.Post these rules.

2. List down the embarrassing moments that have happened to you that you remember, all if possible. (Minimum of 5, no maximum.)

3. Tag whoever you want to, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

Alrighty, here’s a list of my embarrassing moments in no particular order:

#1 – When I was in the 3rd grade, I always had a bladder problem, wherein I always held it in (TMI), and so one day, I was running back and forth from my seat in the classroom to the bathroom then back again. I couldn’t hold it enough so I had to keep going back to the classroom, then after a few times of running back and forth, I…. you know the rest.

#2 – This is another memory from the 3rd grade; I was chosen to be the host for a pageant-like thing, along with a 6th-grader, and so we were co-hosting throughout the entire show. We were prepared and everything, we rehearsed, memorized our parts just to make sure, and we even had cards to read off. Even though we had cards, I had made a mistake at one part of the show and messed up my lines; I read the wrong line, which was actually going to be his, and so I brushed it off and read my part just to make sure, so it was really awkward.

#3 – On May 2012, the Candy Style Awards was held, and I luckily took home Candy‘s Junior Style Award, which was great, but then when I had to do my speech and all that, I was really nervous (it being my very first award) and so I stuttered and forgot what I was going to say. I did say thank you though, so that’s good.

#4 – Last year, I auditioned in my school’s talent show, and I must say that I did pretty good at the judges’ auditions and was lucky enough to be let through. But then when I had to perform my audition in front of the whole school (campus audition), I changed my song from ‘Royals‘ by Lorde to ‘Thinking About You‘ by Frank Ocean, and may I just say that I did terrible because of the nerves that had built up inside me, and because the instrumental was 2 keys higher than I intended it to be. So you could say that I was pretty embarrassed. (I won though. Just saying.)

#5 – It was Buwan ng Wika last year when we all had to wear Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog costumes. Since it was just a few days after Typhoon Maring, the school had announced the required attire later than usual. And so I couldn’t buy a new Filipiniana costume as we had a busy schedule at the time, so I was stuck with using my old Filipiniana costume from the 4th grade. Yes. Can you imagine 7th grade Clara wearing 4th grade Clara’s Filipiniana dress? It actually fit me just right, but then we had to play Chinese Garter. Ha ha. You know what happened.

#6 – There weren’t really any specific dates or times when these happened, but I’ve had a couple of embarrassing moments in elementary when I accidentally called my female teachers ‘mom’. I don’t exactly know why I did, but they just seemed like second mothers to me, which they probably should.

#7 – My family, some friends, and I went to the Miley Cyrus concert in 2011, and Yanni, Anissa (my friends), and I were sooo excited to meet her, and so we went to the meet and greet line to wait, then we were informed there was only around 45 minutes until the show started, but we were at the end of the depressingly long line, so then I started crying, and they joined in too. I was such a brat by doing that haha, but that’s alright because I was only 10 at the time. So when some people started looking at us and reporting to the authorized people, a couple of the concert-handlers (I don’t have a clue what they’re called) came up to us to ask us why we were crying, and we explained everything. It was really embarrassing. We met her though, and she was really nice. And tall.

#8 – Last Sunday, June 8th, I was installed as a lector in our main parish, and I had service right on the day itself, which made me REALLY nervous because I hadn’t even really practiced what I was gonna read or anything. So then after I was installed at the parish, I got ready to serve. I was luckily assigned 2nd reading, which meant I still had time to practice the words in my head. Then when it was my time, I made sure to focus on the words and try not to mess up, but what I DIDN’T make sure to do was to clear my throat. My voice freaking cracked because I had a cold! I got so embarrassed and I just coughed like it was nothing, and went back to reading, but I couldn’t stop my nerves from building up in me. Gosh, it was so embarrassing.

Those were all the embarrassing moments that have happened to me so far that I recall, fortunately, and I hope you enjoyed and laughed at my humility. No, I’m kidding. Don’t you dare.

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If you have any embarrassing moments, please don’t be afraid to share them with me! I’d love to see them. 😛

P.S. I’m gonna be doing my first ever giveaway soon, so tune in to that!

-C .x

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  1. #4. We have the same embarrassing moment!! I’m singing “Greatest love of all” to “Beauty and the Beast” (in a singing contest. Top 2 singers. Just sayin’) 😀

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