Life Goes On

So last night I had to make a poem for my English class. I was thinking about what to write about, so I wrote about life problems. I decided to share this poem with you guys to try and help you stay strong and be happy. Enjoy!

Life Goes On
By Clara Magalona

There are times in your life when you may be down,
But the people in your life can bring that frown upside down.
It may be hard to smile when you’re in deep sorrow,
But don’t fret my dear, because there’s always tomorrow.
Don’t think about what other people say,
Because they will then realize it is wrong someday.
Whenever and wherever you may feel blue,
Just remember that people care about you, just like I do.
Embrace the fact that you are outstanding,
Others may not because they are not understanding.
Yes you may be different,
But it is quite boring to be indifferent.
You are a star, so unusual,
But do remember that we are all equal.
People may dislike you, but it is normal for us all,
But never drop your chin and remember to stand tall.
We are civilized, yes, but some may not be,
So just smile and be happy because you are free.
Your life may be depressing,
But be joyful because you are a blessing.
Remember to keep that smile on your face,
Because in the end it is all just a phase.
Don’t be sad when someone in your life is gone,

Because, my dear, life goes on.

© Copyright 2013 Clara Magalona

-Clara x


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