Manic Panic

Some of you may not know this, but today, May 23rd, was the Ticket Sale Launch Party for One Direction in Manila on March 21st next year. Today has been interesting; An arena full of panicking girls, fun activities, and a bunch of misunderstandings.

First of all, I have been a fan since the UAN tour and since 2011. Some of you may think that I’m not a true fan or anything, but you really don’t know much about me, really. If you’re going to call me a “fake fan”, so be it. But don’t go around talking about me in abusive sentences and making your idols look bad. After all, the fans are who represent the artist, right?

Wednesday night, May 21, we had a few of our co-workers from our FMCC MoA branch stay in line for us until the selling day itself, as we were too busy to camp out ourselves. But we would if we had to. We then arrived at 6:30 AM today, and went straight ahead to the Arena to switch places with the co-workers so that we could pay. Now, a lot of people have been saying that my mom cut through the line and that she had gotten special treatment, something that celebrities apparently do all the time. Here’s the thing, our co-workers we’re number 30th in line, and so my mom had to squeeze her way to where our co-worker was lined up, which is why everyone assumed her for cutting in line.

There was even a girl who won tickets, and she explained that she was told to stay in line for her neighbor, which is the exact thing that we had done, and no one got angry with her and her neighbor. It wasn’t like there were any restrictions regarding that?

There was even one point wherein the line kept adding on and on, which is weird, and so my mom had been held back in the line, but she didn’t argue with anyone about it. She had even told me later on that there were a bunch of girls who talked to her and said that our co-workers slept right next to them, and that they should’ve been closer to the front by now. Which is unfortunate, because they had been there since two nights before and had been held back, but it was nothing that no one could handle.

The second theory people were believing was that we were given special treatment, which is so utterly wrong, because if we had special treatment, which we don’t, we wouldn’t have been there. And our family has never received special treatment in concerts. Never. We’ve been paying for every cent that was needed, and we got the tickets fair and square.

You believe what you want to believe, but the truth is the truth.



Here’s me with Eliza, one of my friends! 🙂





Once my mom and ninong went inside to pay for our tickets, Micah, my kinakapatid, and I went to Krispy Kreme to wait for them. My mom and ninong waited in line for more than an hour, which is another piece of evidence that they they did, indeed, line up for tickets.

My friend, Angel, was there and didn’t have anybody else with her (and was crying because she thought she wasn’t getting any tickets hahaha), and so she called me up and asked if she could stay with us.

Here’s Angel’s post-depression face
Angel’s eating face

After waiting an hour and a half, my mom finally called me up and told me that we could go back to the gates of the Arena already. Then when we got back, we waited another thirty minutes, until my mom popped out of the arena saying she had already gotten us tickets and that she had gotten permission from the organizers for us to go inside. This was another one of the endless theories that people were believing. They thought that they allowed us to go in just because we were celebrities, which was definitely not the case. We had bought tickets (which, FYI, aren’t just for our family or anything, we have a bunch of friends who are abroad and can’t buy tickets right now) and so since we had bought tickets anyway, they let us in.


When we got there, we sat down by the back and enjoyed the party. Then there was one part wherein the hosts announced that the VIP/Hot Package tickets were sold out, and then out of the blue announced that there was already available reservations for the PENDING second show on the next night, which made everybody freak out and scream, and eventually cause a stampede.

Someone fell over the barricades 🙁


And then after everyone had calmed down, I spotted a few of my friends who, fortunately, got to attend the party!

Here’s Elyse, Mar, and I!
And again haha
And here’s Elyse, Angel, and I!


We even stayed until 12:30 PM. If we just wanted to get tickets and run, we wouldn’t have stayed, right? But we wanted to stay because as I said, I am a fan after all. I just wanted to clear everything up and to say that we, my mom and our whole family in general, do not receive special treatment in any concerts. We pay for the tickets ourselves. If we want to watch someone perform live, why the heck not? No one’s stopping us? And we had the opportunity, so we took it. I’d just like to say that I am a true fan of theirs and that they make me happy, and that’s all that matters.

In the end, it’s the people around you who make you who you are. And so, if you’re surrounded by people with no manners, then you get influenced by them. But if you are brought up correctly, then I applaud your parents for doing the right thing.

Don’t make any assumptions before knowing every single detail, and please learn how to be polite and to contain your jealousy. Thank you.

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-C .x


  1. Very well said Clara! Other people have this in their minds kasi, “Pag celebrity ka, you get special treatment, you get what you want.” which is hindi naman. I’m sure pag nabasa nila to, tameme sila. Other celebs should thank you for this. xoxo

    1. Hello, Alta! Thank you so much for understanding, and yes, what you said is true. When people think of “celebs” and “concerts” at the same time, they automatically think that they are prioritized before others, which is false. Thank you for taking your time to comment! 🙂 x

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