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I’ve discovered some new tunes and artists in the past few months and I wanted to share them with you (but you’ve probably already heard of them haha)!

I don’t just listen to a specific genre, to be honest. I like rap, RnB, hip-hop, pop, alternative- every genre, really. I’m not that girl who only listens to artists and bands that aren’t mainstream (not that it’s bad or anything haha I’m just saying).
The 1975
I promised to myself that I would never like The 1975 just because I never find myself singing their songs, but I was wrong. I’ve been singing along to their songs “Girls” and “Chocolate” non-stop! I’m not completely in love with their album though, not yet at least.
Bangerz by Miley Cyrus
Miley’s latest album Bangerz is good, to say the least, but I still listen to it because it’s so fun to sing and dance to! Though I don’t really recommend anyone under 13 to listen to it haha.
Fancy by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX
Ever since I heard this song on Vine, I’ve been wondering what it was called but no one ever credited the song! So when I saw my sister’s post about Iggy, I was so happy because I kept hearing it everywhere (but I never thought of googling the lyrics haha). Iggy is an amazing rapper and so unique! Charli XCX does actually sound a lot like Gwen Steffani, but I still love her nonetheless.
Chance the Rapper
I’ve been in love with Chance ever since I heard his voice! Actually, that’s not true because I used to be so annoyed by his voice before haha so… But I am completely in love with his music now! Ever since I heard Acid Rap, I wanted to listen to his other album called 10 Day which is just as epic!
Donald Glover/Childish Gambino
Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, is a rapper/comedian/actor that I have also fallen in love with! He is incredibly funny and if you click here, it will lead you to his stand-up performance in New York. I haven’t listened to his album yet, but I do know his “The Worst Guys”, (which features Chance AHHHH) “Sweatpants”. He also features in Jhené Aiko’s song “Bed Peace” and Chance the Rapper’s Favorite Song
Fifth Harmony
I’ve known Fifth Harmony since The X Factor USA and I loved their performances! But then I thought their original songs sounded so annoying, though after listening a few times they were actually good! Not that their voices aren’t great, but it just felt like they were overpowering each other with their own voices at the time. Their songs “Better Together” and “Me & My Girls” are incredibly catchy and have great beats!
I discovered McFly because of a certain band member of 5 Seconds Of Summer, (*cough* Calum Hood *cough*) as he made his own cover of a song called “All About You” which is by McFly! Everything then went downhill from there.
5 Seconds Of Summer
I don’t even have to say anything about them… but I will. If you had to ask me to describe their EP, “She Looks So Perfect”, in one word I would say “Electric” because all you can ever hear is an electric guitar haha kidding, but it really is an amazing EP!
Those are the artists, bands, and songs I’ve been listening to lately. I might do some more of these, every couple of months! If you’d like to recommend any songs/artist/bands to me or just tell me what or who your favorites are, go ahead and tell me in the comments below!
-C .x

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