Oh, October!

A lot of people in my family are October celebrants, and so am I. So obviously, October will be a very eventful month.

Just one day till a new month, a new start, a new beginning. You’ll never know, this month might be the best for you. Just remember to stay positive… and to greet me on my birthday.

Some of you may know that my birthday is on Halloween which means it’s pretty hard to celebrate on the day itself with my friends because they most likely have plans for trick-or-treating and stuff, haha.

Anyway, since it’s my birthday month, I thought that maybe I should give you guys some old pictures of me when I was little-r.

I hope you enjoy these, I guess.

-C .x

When my brother was still taller than me, haha!

Casually being a mermaid/cowgirl/fairy/princess.

Back when I was into ballet, haha!


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