Take A Walk

We wanted to spend time together and have an early Mother’s Day lunch/brunch, as others may be busy on the day itself. So yesterday, we went to the Mary Grace Café in Serendra for brunch that ended up being lunch due to waiting so long for our food.
Pretty ate Maxx!
My brother Arkin on his phone like always.
The Peach French Toast was the bomb!
Mama, Zoie, and ate Unna <3
Lulu was still being all grumpy hahaha
Gavin was really happy because the bread was so good!
Ate Unna’s delicious-looking Salmon Pasta that I didn’t taste because I hate salmon hahahahaha
Lulubelle <3

Then we went to Fully Booked to check out the newly opened Tin Tin Shop which looked amazing and had lots and lots of merchandise!

Tin Tin and Snowy!
Cool paintings, pictures, and comic books
Adorable keychains!
Batwoman casually buying books hahahahaha

There was also another event being held in Fully Booked- free comic book day! You get three comic books for free! How cool is that?! Well, unfortunately, I didn’t get any comic books because I was too late haha. But what I did get was “An Abundance of Katherines” by the genius John Green! What I actually wanted to get was “Looking For Alaska”, also by John Green, but it was sadly sold out. That’s okay though, because I’m really looking forward to reading “An Abundance of Katherines” as it has a lot of really good reviews! What are you guys currently reading? Tell me in the comments below!

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-C .x


  1. Looking for Alaska is ny favorite John Green novel ever. Katherines being my least favorite. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy the witty remarks and anagrams from it!
    Enjoy reading. <3
    Also, nice photos. :-bd

    1. I originally wanted to get Looking for Alaska, but it was out of stock like always. 🙁 I’m really ling AAoK though! Thank you!

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