Tips for School Survival!

Below are some tips that I have come up with throughout the school years. Some may work for some people, some may not. Just make sure to have fun and study hard, good luck!

  • Sleep early in order to wake up early. Your parents have probably told you a million times about this, but yes, sleeping early does help! All this time I’ve been sleeping at around 11pm-12am and I always have trouble waking up early, but it has never been a mystery to me. ANd now that I’m required to go to school early every morning, I have disciplined myself to sleep at 8-9pm and have no trouble waking up early!
  • Eat a big meal for breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you’re running late, you have to have a legit meal for breakfast because you know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal fo the day. I used to get hungry whenever I got to class and it was not very good… So make sure to have your breakfast!
    • Always take down notes. When your teacher is teaching lessons and lectures, it doesn’t matter if he isn’t writing on the blackboard because you must be taking down notes for further research!
    • Submit a project on or before the due date. I know it’s hard to do this, but you need to work har in order to get good grades!!!
    • Review your notes/lessons right when you get home. You’ll notice the better you’ll get at school if you review your lessons, I guarantee it!
    • Review for a quiz/test the day the pointers are given out. Yes, it might be quite annoying for you to review and study at home but you want to pass the test, right? Make sure to study efficiently!
    • Do not forgot to bring a hairtie! You might be thanking me if you’re having a bad hair day, or if it’s really humid and hot! You definitely do not want a burning neck!
    • Do not procrastinate! Yes, it may be hard not to procrastinate and to not have fun on weekends, but school is your priority!
    • Do your homework the day it is given out. Do this so that you have less homework to do next time.
    • Always bring lunch money and extra change with you.  Sometimes, we forget our pens, paper, materials at home when we need it. And yes, it is our mistakes so you might as well buy them at your school supply store!
    • If you’re allowed to, bring an emergency phone charger. Thank me later.
    • Make sure to bring alcohol or hand sanitizer everywhere you go. You never know, the people who have been touching the chairs, tables, etc. might have had really really filthy hands. It’s for your own health and safety!
    • Do not ever use your phone during class! Well, unless you want to get a violation report…
    • Always bring sanitary napkins. Either your classmate needs it or you do, you have to be prepared for your time of the month!
    • Bring deodorant and body mist every PE day. Again, thank me later after you smell like a princess.
    • If you play sports, make sure to wear cycling shorts under your PE shorts for protection! This tip speaks for itself.
    Well, that’s all I can think of for now, but if you have any school survival tips, please do share them below! Have fun at school!


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