Tokyo Photo Diary pt. 1

I only have a handful of pictures from the first two days as I didn’t have a camera and only used my phone to document everything on the first day. So this post will be about days 1 and 2 of our trip to Japan!

On the first night, we decided to go around Sunshine City, a commercial complex that consists of an observatory, aquarium, office building, and a shopping center.

So on the second day, we walked from the hotel all the way to the Rikugien garden and it took us 2 hours to get there, (it was really supposed to be a 20-minute walk according to Google maps), but we got so hungry so we found a ramen restaurant right across the garden called Yotteko-Ya Ramen, so we wanted to try it out and it was surprisingly very good!

So then after our late lunch, we walked back to the garden and found tons of sakura trees!

A park we found near the garden

Beautiful trees we saw on the way to the garden

Flowers we discovered on the way to the  Rikugien garden
We found a cherry blossom tree on the way to the garden, which makes it the very first cherry blossom tree we’ve ever seen!
We also fed ducks and koi fish by the lake in the garden!
After the Rikugien garden, we thought of going to another park that also had tons of cherry blossom trees which was Shinjuku garden. But when we got there, it was unfortunately closed so that plan didn’t go very well. 
But then we decided to go to Odaiba and visit the giant Gundam statue at the River City mall!

After we checked the statue out, we ate at a katsu restaurant in the mall and the food was delicious! 
Then we headed back to the hotel and knocked out. 
So that’s it for days 1 and 2 of our Japanese holiday. I’ll be posting again in a few hours with more pictures!
camera used: iPhone 5
editing application: VSCOcam
filter/effect: 04 + brightened + unsaturated + sharpened +
-C .x

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