Tokyo Photo Diary pt. 2

On the third day, we went to the Akihabara district – famous for its many gadget shops, duty free stores, and toy stores!

After looking through Edion, a gadget and appliance store, we went around the district to look for a place to eat at for lunch and found a Japanese restaurant, obviously.

Here’s my sashimi rice bowl, which looks delicious but didn’t taste very good to me haha

Mama <3

On our way back, we saw this cute Marlboro corgi and took pictures with it!

Cute <3

Here’s a cute chihuahua


We then headed to our next destination- Ueno Park, famous for its different cherry blossom trees and temples!

If you’ve never seen cherry blossom trees up-close, then you’re welcome haha


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any picture of Jim’s proposal, (all because they left me to watch our shopping bags haha) but ate Saab has a post all about it here!

After Ueno Park we headed back to the hotel to get freshened up for dinner.


Sunshine City!

We went to this curry-katsu place called Go Go Curry, and I expected Japanese curry to taste awful but it just tasted like Indian curry!

Purposely showing off her ring haha

Delicious curry!

Mama and friends


That’s it for day 3! I’ll be posting part 3 in a few hours though. 🙂

-C .x

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