Tokyo Photo Diary pt. 3

On the 4th day, we went down to Family Mart to grab something to eat for breakfast.

The lovers <3

Then we went to hear mass at a catholic church where the parish consisted of mostly filipinos!

We then ate lunch at Ichiran- a ramen restaurant famous for its classroom-like setup wherein you can customize your own bowl of ramen!

After lunch, we headed to The National Art Center, also located in Roppongi, where a large exhibit for amateur artists was being held!

Casually posing for the camera


Cool looking guys
Cute coffee shop we found

We decided to head over to the Shibuya crossing- one of the busiest intersections in the world!

Trying to find a way to get to Shibuya

A real geisha!

The very busy Shibuya crossing

A visit to Shibuya would be nothing without checking out the Hachiko statue!

After Hachiko, we looked for a tempura restaurant for dinner and we ended up eating at this really known tempura restaurant. Since we were all way too hungry to think, we thought tempura meant Ebi tempura, but no, we had to learn the hard way. So we ate different kinds of tempura and it was surprisingly delicious! I expected eel to taste disgusting haha

ChinoMaxx <3

My loves

*talks to self* WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME?! (in my dreams)

That’s it for day 4. 🙂 I’ll post part 4 tomorrow!

-C .x

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