Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

Below is a list of my top 10 favorite YouTubers. It is not in order just because I can’t pick which is which. So, enjoy. I guess.

1. thats0jack- Jack is one of the sassiest people on YouTube earth. He’s super chill and relaxed but he’s actually really crazy, he just doesn’t show it..? He likes One Direction, I mean that’s something we have in common, right?

2. ohheyitsandrew- Andrew is like a male version of Grace Helbig, seriously. He has this monotonic voice that makes me laugh so hard without him even trying, it just gets me, y’know? He’s also really cute and funny I love him oh my goodness graciañas!!!!!

3. lohanthony- Queen. Literally queen. He is one of the funniest and sassiest people, I swear. He’s basically a Jack 2.0, just with a tad bit more sass.

4. rebecca- I used to hate her song “Friday” so much because it was so bad that it was good and hilarious, but she’s so funny and creative and beautiful and wonderful and AHHH

5. smokeypinkleopard- Alexa is so cute and bubbly and her fashion sense is amazing! 

6. michellephan- One of the first people that I watched on YouTube, and I still do to this day. She’s amazing and so cute!

7. laurenbeautyy- Lauren is so adorable and amazing at makeup! She’s also super gorgeous.

8. MacBarbie07- Bethany is my spirit animal. She’s a bubbly, crazy and carefree person and I love her to death. She’s amazing when it comes to beauty!

9. our2ndlife- I couldn’t fit each and every one of them into this list so anyway, they’re all so crazy (but not too crazy) and funny and they just like to have fun! 

10. danisnotonfire- Dan is one of the funniest people ever! And him being British and handsome is a plus to that.

That was a tiny portion of the people I subscribe to on YouTube, but they deserve to be watched! I hope you enjoyed, I guess.

P.S. I wrote in a different way on this blog post, I didn’t really take it seriously, but I will next time so don’t worry. 

P.P.S. I do not own any of the pictures above so yeah ok bye



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