What’s My Jam: Jan-April

I’ve discovered a few new (they kinda are to me lol) artists and have been listening to some really catchy songs in the past couple of months, and I decided to share it with you. As a lot of people know, I don’t really listen to just one specific genre of music; I listen to mostly RnB, Pop and Rap, but I do like jamming to a few alternative bands and rock songs once in a while.



The Ting Tings

I grew up listening to That’s Not My Name and Shut Up And Let Me Go because my mom would always play them and dance with me haha! I stumbled upon them two days ago when I searched for Shut Up And Dance With Me’ on Spotify, and I might just listen to them again now.

Talking Is Hard by Walk The Moon

Shut Up And Dance With Me has been an anthem for my friend Jeanne and I, and I might have listened to it for more than 50 times. No biggie. I haven’t listened to a lot of their songs yet, but if you have the time you should check them out!


99 Red Balloons/99 Luftballons by Nena

After hearing the Coke ad, I immediately asked my mom if she knew the song. Apparently, it’s originally by Nena and it’s actually a German song called ‘99 Luftballons‘, but I like both versions a lot! Coke did a great job at choosing a song hehe


Reflection by Fifth Harmony

What music post would be complete without me mentioning my favorite girls in the entire world? If you like RnB and Pop mashed into one, you’re definitely gonna like this album! It includes their hits ‘BO$$‘, ‘Sledgehammer‘ and ‘Worth It‘. What I like most about it is that it promotes feminism and confidence, and I think those are two important things that us women need.


1989 by Taylor Swift

Of course everyone knows about this album! It’s amazing and you can really tell how hurt, how in love, and how happy she was in it all. It may seem as if it’s all about one specific person, which I’m all for (YES HAYLOR! don’t fight me okay haha), but whatever. Just leave her be and let her enjoy being herself. I LOVE HER SO MUCH AHHH


I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

A lot of people are irked by this song, but I really (x6) like it! If you haven’t seen the video, you should really check it out; it features both Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber, and it’s just really all fun. I also love how Carly Rae‘s making a comeback! (She also looks exactly the same since then, which is super cool!)


FourFiveSeconds by Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this song, either on the radio or on the internet. It had been my favorite song for two months straight, and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it for over 100 times. It’s kind of a mix of Country and Pop, which I would never listen to in a million years, but it’s nice and catchy. I also love Kanye’s verse in this!



B**** Better Have My Money

This song’s very explicit and has an even more explicit message, so I suggest you not listen to it if you are not over the age of 13 hahaha! I just think it’s very catchy and fun to dance to. And come on– it’s Rihanna. Anything by Rihanna is a masterpiece!


Somebody by Natalie La Rose ft. Jeremih

Natalie La Rose performed at the Radio Disney Music Awards right before Fifth Harmony, and she sings and dances really good! Her song’s really catchy too. It’s kind of an adaptation of Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody‘.


Best Mistake by Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean

Probably my favorite Ariana song ever. I sang/rapped this, along with Birdy‘s Tee Shirt, at my school’s Red Night, and I received some positive feedback haha! My favorite part’s actually Big Sean‘s verse, and I used to rap it all the time. I’m glad I performed it!



If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake

Drake did such a great move of surprising everyone with dropping this sick mixtape! One of the most influential moves this generation– right after BEYONCÉ of course. Some of the popular songs in it are ‘Legend‘, 10 Bands‘, ‘Know Yourself‘, ‘6 God‘, ‘Madonna‘, ‘Preach‘, ‘You & The 6‘ and ‘Jungle‘. Yes, almost all of the songs are well-known now. It’s Drake; what did you expect?


Fan Of A Fan The Album by Chris Brown & Tyga

A lot of songs in this are good and catchy, and the beats are nice too. If you like upbeat rap, you’ll most probably like this album. (Also, may I just say I love Chris Brown’s voice?)


Blessings by Big Sean ft. Drake

I love jamming out to this song so much. Big Sean and Drake, aka two of my favorites, together in one song? Amazing. Thank you God for this amazing masterpiece. I love it SO MUCH. So much. So. Much. (Although I’ve yet to memorize it and listen to all of Dark Sky Paradise hehe)




I’m probably pretty late on this, but I just started listening to these amazing girls yesterday, and I may just have to listen to their album Days Are Gone a hundred times. Why have I never heard of their songs before? Why? Why am I so late? (Sorry Marty!) ((I’d also like to say that they dance incredibly well. Amazing. *insert clapping emoji three times*))


Hope you had fun looking into my brain hehe, till next time!


-C .x


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